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"I wholeheartedly recommend it! I found an excellent professional and got the follow-up I needed. A very user-friendly and practical platform!"

"It's always worth taking care of ourselves and our families, no matter how difficult the first step is; it's easier now that we have access to the internet, and there's less of an excuse not to."

"I am very grateful to Mindfirst for the help I found"

"Renata best psychologist"

"Aside from liking the therapist, I find the platform to be well-built and easy to use."

"I have experienced the treatment with the psychologist as very pleasant, and she has helped me with gaining insights into myself, patterns I have, and how I could deal with them. She gives me advice on how to deal with my adolescent daughters and new partner. With her help I can get my new life back on track. Thank you!"

"It was a magnificent experience."

"You saved my life!"

"My experience with therapist Ana Lambeck has been spectacular, extremely beneficial, and all-encompassing. With her help in her sessions, I am gradually becoming more capable of recognising and dealing with emotions and feelings."

"Mindfirst is a platform that makes therapy more accessible by making the entire process, from finding a therapist to paying, extremely simple and intuitive. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

"I adore my therapist, and I truly believe I've won the lottery because therapy with her has been truly changing my life!"

"For the first time in a long time, I felt completely understood, heard, and helped. Thank you, Dr. Joana Silva."

"The guidelines given by your team were fundamental in finding a direction for what I was feeling and thinking. Today I feel better, more of a woman, more professional, more of a mother... more like myself!"

Accompaniment with Lígia changed my life; prior to returning to therapy, I was feeling myself slipping back into depression, and I was fortunate to find a therapist who, in addition to not judging me and making me feel heard, gave me techniques that helped in my recovery!


We are your online therapy platform, certified by the Portuguese Health Regulatory Entity.

We are right there with you on the computer or mobile phone, with no waitings, delays, or complications.

Count on the best network of psychologists and online coaches to solve an emotional health problem or to provide follow-up in a more difficult phase.

Psychology, Coaching and Mindfulness. Affordable, by appointment, wherever you are.

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Psychology and Psychotherapy

1 session - 45
4 sessions - 170 (save 10€)
(Enter PACK4MIND Code before payment)
8 sessions - 310 (save 50€)
(Enter PACK8MIND Code before payment)

  • 1 session 45
  • 4 sessions 170 (PACK4MIND)

Work on your thoughts and emotions to live a fuller and happier life. By video, audio, or chat.

Family and couple therapy

1 session - 65
4 sessions - 240 (save 20€)
(Enter PACK4FAMILIA Code before payment)
8 sessions - 455 (save 65€)
(Enter PACK8FAMILIA Code before payment)

  • 1 session 65
  • 4 sessions 240 (PACK4FAMILIA)

Crisis or transition situations within the family, marital conflicts, and communication difficulties.


1 session - 75
4 sessions - 280 (save 20€)
(Enter PACK4PSI Code before payment)

  • 1 session 75
  • 4 sessions 280 (PACK4PSI)

Going to a psychiatrist can be a decisive step towards achieving your well-being.

LGBTI issues

1 session - 45
4 sessions - 170 (save 10€)
(Enter PACK4MIND Code before payment)
8 sessions - 310 (save 50€)
(Enter PACK8MIND Code before payment)

  • 1 session 45
  • 4 sessions 170 (PACK4MIND)

Here you will find professionals specialized in specific issues of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex community. Because life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

Psychology in Portuguese Sign Language

1 session - 45
4 sessions - 170 (save 10€)
(Enter PACK4MIND Code before payment)
8 sessions - 310 (save 50€)
(Enter PACK8MIND Code before payment)

  • 1 session 45
  • 4 sessions 170 (PACK4MIND)

Work on your thoughts and emotions to achieve a fuller and happier life. Portuguese sign language is now available. By video or chat.


1 session - 45
4 sessions - 170 (save 10€)
(Enter PACK4COACH Code before payment)
8 sessions - 310 (save 50€)
(Enter PACK8COACH Code before payment)

  • 1 session 45
  • 4 sessions 170 (PACK4COACH)

Start achieving your personal and professional goals now. Get what you want. By video or audio.


1 session - 35
4 sessions - 133 (save 7€)
(Enter PACK4MINDFULNESS Code before payment)

  • 1 session 35
  • 4 sessions 133 (PACK4MINDFULNESS)

Reduce stress by learning to live in the present moment. Live the "here" and "now". By video.

Supervision for Psychologists

1 session - 45
4 sessions - 170
(Enter PACK4SUPERVISION Code before payment)

  • 1 session 45
  • 4 sessions 170 (PACK4SUPERVISION)

Strengthen your skills and abilities. Video and audio supervision.

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MindFirst Campaigns

Special solutions. Start feeling better right now.


Exclusive for students. To better manage stress and anxiety. 10% discount when booking 4 sessions.
Use the code ESPESTUDANTE at the time of purchase.

Valid from 25/09/2020 to 31/12/2025.

Special > AGE

5% reduction for members aged 65 or over. Request the discount code at geral@mindfirst.pt,  along with a photo of your proof of age (Ex: Citizen Card).

Valid from 01/09/2020 to 31/12/2025.


Your company's emotional wellness. Monthly investment per employee: Companies with 50 to 100 employees: €4, companies with 101 to 300 employees: €3, companies with more than 300 employees: €2.

Valid from 25/11/2020 to 31/12/2025.

Dedicated Solutions

Mindfirst in the Company

Mindfirst in the Company

Special conditions for your company. Online therapy, counselling and training. Higher productivity. Contact us.

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Mindfirst at School

Mindfirst at School

For students (with parental permission) and teachers. Manage symptoms of stress and depression in the educational community. Contact us.

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Mindfirst for residents abroad

Mindfirst for residents abroad

Treat anxiety and depression in Portuguese. For those who are far from home but close to us. Schedule an appointment.

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