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The festive season of Christmas and New Year is usually a period of food excess, with almost infinite food on the table, where tradition goes through a hearty supper filled with sweets and delicacies, the majority of which are extremely unhealthy. 
In fact, weight gain at this time of year is very common, and it often accumulates from year to year. If you find it easy to maintain balance in your food choices, now might be a good time to eat what you want without going overboard. However, if you struggle with self-control and frequently commit excesses that you later regret, the following advice is for you: 
> Cook for and with the heart 
Show yourself and others that you care by preparing healthier dishes for your table and always having fruit and vegetable side dishes on hand. 
>Make a good plate composition
Allow yourself to eat what you want, including your favourite sweet, but always compose a balanced meal. Half vegetables, one-quarter protein (meat or fish), and one-fourth carbohydrates (potatoes, rice). You will be able to ensure that you consume vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre, which will allow you to feel fuller for longer while limiting the space available for more caloric foods. 
>Away from sight, away from your heart (and from your mouth) 
Distance can help you avoiding constant snacking. Sit away from food and only come to the table when it's mealtime. 
>Beware of liquid calories 
If you can't get through the holiday season without some festive drinks, keep in mind that a glass can be around 200 calories, and you might have trouble drinking just one. Drink sparkling water with a splash of your favourite juice or wine. 
>Stay active 
Maintain your exercise routine if you are confined to your home. When travelling, don't forget to bring your sneakers and plan some physical activity every day.BLOG 
Although food is part of the tradition, the emphasis should be on the company and socialisation of family and friends. And don't forget to focus on what's truly important: eat to live and live to love. 
Ana Jorge is a Nutri & Health Coach - Food Education / Healthy Eating; Lifestyle Medicine; Healthy Cuisine; Eating Behaviors; Preventive Nutrition specialist. 
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