Persistence - It's hard to persist, it is not giving up at each obstacle

It's hard to persist, it is not giving up at each obstacle. "Whoever cultivates the habit of perseverance appears to have insurance against failure." We know that these motivational phrases are only effective when our hormones are not completely out of control, when we are not emotionally fragile and unable to absorb that coveted positivism. These phrases contain powerful truths, but this truth sometimes confuses us more than we realize. This, like most misunderstandings, is linked to emotional issues, behavioral patterns, and thought patterns. 

Standards. We have a lot of patterns that we aren't even aware of. It is critical to explore them because doing so will increase our self-awareness. And by making the unconscious conscious, we empower ourselves even more.
Persistence is a state of mind and can be worked with:

- Precision of goals
- Desire (Goal)
- Self confidence
- Clear and concrete plans
- Cooperation
- Exact knowledge
- Willpower
- Habit 

Of all these factors, which one/ones do you lack?

Exercise - Find the enemies of your persistence

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax.
Pay attention to the list and go over it with honesty, without judging yourself. Accept your truth in this moment.

1) Inability to objectively define what you want
2) Postponement
3) Lack of desire to learn specialized knowledge
4) Indecision
5) Habit of resorting to excuses as justification
6) indifference
7) Lack of motivation, arising from the lack of motives that led to action
8) Ease of giving up at the first signs of defeat
9) Poor planning
10) 10) Lack of initiative and/or action
11) Lack of ambition
12) Constant search for easier ways to reach the goal
13) Fear of criticism

Carolina Trindade, clinical psychologist


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