Mindfulness is meditation. Right?

Mindfulness is meditation. Right? 
In fact it is something that many people assume, but it is not entirely true. Mindfulness simply means "full focus" and it can refer to much more than meditation. 
Some common justifications for not meditating include "I can't stop thinking" or "I can't be still". 
Indeed, it can be said, and quite rightly, that not all types of meditation aim to make our minds stop thinking, and in the case of mindfulness, the aim is to focus our attention on something (in our breath, in our body, in a sound, etc.) and bring our attention back to that something whenever our mind wanders. 
On the other hand, whenever someone says they can't be still, you can suggest a mindfulness practise that doesn't require "being still" and can be done anytime, anywhere, and in as little as a few minutes. 
For today, I'll leave my suggestion to be mindful without meditating. 
Go Out for a Walk 
Although most people associate meditation with sitting, traditional Buddhist teachings identify four meditation postures: sitting, lying, standing, and walking. All of them are useful for cultivating a calm mind and being present in the moment. 
Taking meditative or mindfulness walks is still very common in mindfulness retreats. 
Walking, in addition to being excellent physical exercise, allows us to change our environment, leaving work, home, and the tasks associated with it, as well as your worries behind. 
Ideally, we also set aside the cell phone for a moment and focus solely on ourselves and our thoughts. Good ideas frequently emerge during these times. If this occurs, make a note of it as soon as you get home, or you will most likely forget about it. ;) 
See you soon ♥ 
Vera Costa 

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