Self connection

What connection do you have with yourself? What is the extent of your self-knowledge? Challenge yourself to examine and discover yourself. 

We frequently allow ourselves to live in autopilot mode. We keep seeing, doing, and feeling things, but we don't pay much attention to them. Remember times when you were asked about your main strengths. And flaws. And tics. And about the things you like. Favorite music or what you can't live without during the day. We are frequently confronted with questions that we thought were simple to answer. After all, who better to answer questions about ourselves than ourselves? But the truth is that thinking about us is often more difficult than thinking about anything else.

Do you know how we can best solve a problem or just improve some aspect of our life? Yes, when we face it. But do you know what we need to do to confront it? Be aware of it. This awareness eludes us at times. We are not paying enough attention. What I want to do is challenge you to look deeper into yourself and discover who you are.

I'd like to make one final point: take into account the feasibility of having the follow-up of a mental health professional if you consider it necessary.  A professional can help you in going further, and in the way that best suits you.


Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. Allow your body and mind to enter a deeper state of peace and tranquilly with each breath you take. Open your eyes and write down:

- 10 qualities of yours
- 10 flaws of yours
- A brief reflection on how you see yourself.
- A brief reflection on how you believe others perceive you.

Carolina Trindade, Clinical Psychologist

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