Motivation and goal-setting

We gain motivation, self-esteem, dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment when we set goals. Defining our most important goals and developing a plan to achieve them gives us more control over our lives, as well as greater capacity for decision-making and adaptation to new circumstances. Our goal and plan for achieving it should be as specific and measurable as possible. However, despite the numerous benefits, we do not always have a clear understanding of what our true desires and goals are. Or we do, but they are too ambiguous to entice us. Or we sabotage ourselves by making a slew of excuses that prevent us from building what we need to meet them. This happens from time to time because we all have fears, more or less consciously. Our fears and beliefs invade our subconscious, and we build defences against ourselves without realising it, making excuses that lead us to believe that we have not yet achieved any goal because... and several justifications can arise here.



Set a goal

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. Allow your body and mind to enter a deeper state of peace and tranquilly with each breath. Consider a goal you have. It makes no difference whether it is personal or professional. Bring a goal to your awareness. Make a sort of analysis, taking into account what you gain and what you lose by achieving this goal. Then consider what you gain and what you lose if you don't achieve it. Open your eyes and write down the first five questions that come to mind when you consider achieving this goal. Are there issues that encourage or discourage you? Do they shake your persistence or not? Do you consider yourself to be a persistent person? We will return to this topic in the future.



When thinking about your goal, don't judge yourself at any time. Is it worthwhile to dwell on what you could have done but did not? What could I have done differently? Why is it hard for you to set goals if that's the case? This is not the time to criticize yourself. Accept and work with what you have now. With integrity. With no judgment.

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