Life Purpose


- Promote in-depth self-awareness;

- Increase awareness of one's gifts and talents (innate abilities);

- Promote clarity about beliefs, fears, and impediments to transformation;

- Encourage bravery and practical action in the face of new options/decisions;

- Guide the use of creativity and debunk the concept of "obstacles";

- To foster the growth of a sense of service to the human family.



Everyone who wants to discover/use their gifts and talents.


At the end of the plan, you will be able to:

- Recognise the distinction between intuitive guidance and the voice of the intellect; 

- Act on intuition in a fearless, confident, and inspired manner;

- Distinguish between illusory situations and synchronistic events; 

- Recalling 'old' dreams and intentions/ideas/inspirations/attitudes; 

- Openly (vulnerable), humbly (reference is internal), responsibly (talk about yourself), and lovingly express your Being.

- Attract/use opportunities and contacts that seem to appear 'out of nowhere'; 

- Be creative and proactive; easily attract support and partnerships; 

- Feel happy to discover/come to fulfill your Life Purpose.

Life Purpose
Lígia de Noronha

Who will work with you?

Lígia de Noronha


€ 300,00


6 horas
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